Skymningsskallets Amazing Girl


Reg. nr: SE42100/2011
Född: 2011-05-26
Meriter: -

Skymningsskallets Amazing Girl

Noble Art Just Superman INT UCH
Mulahi's Gemini
Murphy De Can Bruch
Edith Of Lenette
Noble Art Audacity CA CH FI UCH SE UCH
Foxworth Front Runner
Noble Art Dollar's Lil Darling
Noble Art Elouise Jan-Shars A Work In Progress US CH
Jan-Shars Go For The Gusto
Mayfairs Rebeca Sunshine
Taa Palati's Ones Upon A Time C.I.B FI UCH SE UCH SE V-05 US CH
Star Haven Blazin' Comet
Taa Palati's Make My Day

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